9 Lives and Going The Extra Mile

Our recent #CR073115MUEDU-G team had an unexpected visitor during their stay in Costa Rica. An extremely sick kitten was dropped at the convent used for volunteer housing and our empathetic volunteers took him in to care for as their own.


They bathed the kitten, fed him, and took him to the veterinarian only to discover he was suffering from a respiratory problem as well as a severe eye disease that was slowly killing him. Covered in flees from the disease, the nuns from the convent could not allow him to stay.

After their Costa Rican dance class, our volunteers could not wait to check up on the kitten. The dance instructor and his girlfriend went with the volunteers to check on the kitten and they just so happened to be CAT LOVERS!

The couple took the sick cat and promised to nurse him back to health. The compassion of our volunteers reached new levels  in caring for a creature unable to care for itself. The kitten is still recovering but in the home of his loving, adopted family. Thank you to our MMU partners for going the extra mile and helping ensure our feline friend keeps all of his nine lives.