ISL offers a range of fundraising ideas and scholarship opportunities to make it as easy as possible for you to learn and serve abroad. Below you will find a short selection of fundraising methods. We suggest mixing and matching these methods to have the most success in fundraising.

1. MyISL Fundraising Page

Every volunteer has the ability to create and share a personal fundraising page once they’ve joined a program. From your MyISL account, click on the fundraising tab, fill out a bio and fundraising goal, and share with your friends and family. 100% of the proceeds you raise will go directly to your account balance.

2. Apply for an ISL Grant or Scholarship

ISL offers grants and scholarships from $100 to full scholarships. Find out more.

3. Good ol’ fashioned bake sale, etc:

There are way more methods to creatively fundraise for your program! Check out our staff’s suggestion on other ways to scrounge up some funds for your upcoming trip.