Country Coordinator Spotlight: Teddy Chuwa, Tanzania

The next country coordinator featured in our Country Coordinator Spotlight series is Teddy Chuwa! A couple months ago, we interviewed some of our country coordinators so we could share with you a little bit about their lives! All of our CCs are hardworking, passionate individuals who enjoy serving their communities and working with ISL volunteers, and they all have their own very unique stories. Here’s what we learned in our interview with Teddy!

Where is she from?

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2013 Photo of the Year Contest Winner: Jessica Munoz

Jessica will receive $1,000 in travel credit to volunteer with ISL again in 2014!

This little girl, Doreen, greeted me with a warm smile every time I saw her. Her curious imagination inspires me to become a doctor who will one day travel back to Tanzania. I thank her for welcoming me but above all I thank her for showing me God’s presence. My ISL experience in Tanzania reminds me that “what we do for ourselves dies with us.

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ISL Tree Project


In the Moshi-kia area, just few kilometers from the Kilimanjaro airport, there are few trees and it is very dry. Many people from the Maasai tribe are now living in the area because they work in the Tanzanite mines. They had hired a couple professional tree removal companies to remove the old dead trees, so they could plant new ones.

The O’Brien school for the Maasai, located in that area,

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Little Mommy: A Mother’s Day Story

In Costa Rica, we celebrate Mother’s Day on August 15, and in preparation for this year’s celebration of motherhood, the memory of an incident that I witnessed in Tanzania involving a baby girl and her “little mommy” came to mind:

We were serving in Tanzania, and I saw these two beautiful girls outside of the ISL field clinic, so I went to greet them. The oldest was 7 or 8 years old, and the baby girl was 3 or 4.

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Eva Baldisserotto: Tanzania Reflection

I can still remember the feeling I had while sitting in JFK airport awaiting my first flight of the long journey ahead of me before I would arrive at Kilimanjaro Airport. I had no idea what to expect and I could almost already feel a change within myself. There was such a mix of emotions: fear, angst, nervousness… but most of all the excitement. I had never been that far from home for that amount of time on my own,

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Joshua Whelan: Tanzania Medical Reflection

Favorite memory from trip:

My favorite memory of my ISL trip to Tanzania was entering a traditional Masaii homestead and though there were multiple translations going on and people crowding around us, one seven year old boy named Baraka came right up in front of us and stood until he was recognized. He had a skin infection that covered most of his face and had only appeared in the last few days. Though we encouraged the mother to bring him to our clinic the following day,

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