About Guatemala

Known as the Land of Many Trees, Guatemala is lushly forested and ranks among the world’s top five hot spots for biodiversity. Guatemala is a country of volcanoes, mountains, and beaches that range from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. Three of Guatemala’s 30 volcanoes are still active. From the Cuchamatán Mountains in the western highlands, to the coastlines on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, this small country is marked by contrasts.

Guatemala lives in technicolor. Everywhere you go, the vibrant indigos, reds, greens, and yellows harken to a history that transcends time and remains very much alive today. One of the last strongholds of the Mayan civilization, Guatemala is still home to traditions that date back thousands of years.

Where We Serve in Guatemala

Antigua City:  We serve in the beautiful southern city of Antigua. Located just 40 minutes from Guatemala City, Antigua is a small city surrounded by volcanoes, famous for its Spanish colonial buildings, many of them restored after the 1773 earthquake that ended the 200-year-old regime in Antigua as the colonial capital of Guatemala.

Here we partner with two communities, San Miguel Dueñas and San Pedro Yepocapa. Both communities have been strongly affected by the most recent eruptions of Volcán de Fuego that left considerable damage to infrastructure and resulted in severe burns and loss of life. In San Miguel Dueñas, we work with a refugee camp for elderly and displaced women.

Sololá: Located 135 kilometers (ca. 85 miles) from Guatemala City, Sololá is known for its traditions and indigenous folklore. Sololá is home to the Tzutujil, Quiche and Kakchiquel peoples, all of whom are direct Mayan descendants.

Here we partner with 7 communities within a 20 minute commute of our lodgings: Chui Manzana, Laguna Seca, Las Minas, Chiquel, Chuarrischee, Chaquillá and Santa María Del Tablón. These communities are dependent on crops of corn, apples, potatoes, onions and other legumes, as well as the artisanal work of the manufacturing of fabrics, an activity that is mostly carried out by women.

The need in Guatemala

More than 1.6 million Guatemalans have critical unmet needs.  Our partner communities in Guatemala (listed below) have identified the following areas in which they would like our help:  education, healthcare, access to water, and community development.

Our partnerships

Mayan Municipal Councils

Ministry of Health of Antigua

Ministry of Education

Nueva Esperanza School (Sololá)

San Isidro School (Sololá)

Refugee camp for elderly and displaced women (San Miguel Dueñas)

What to expect

Come prepared to experience a beautiful place and meet some really amazing people. In addition to being awed by Guatemala’s natural surroundings, you will learn about the ancient Mayan culture and explore its customs and delicious cuisine.

Once you have arrived at La Aurora airport and gone through immigration, ISL staff will be waiting for you outside the exit holding a blue ISL sign. You will have a chance to settle into your lodgings before beginning your experience in Guatemala.

The program will begin with a “Welcome Orientation” where you will learn the “do’s” and “don’ts” of the culture and the information necessary to help you make the most of your time in Guatemala.

Cultural exploration

During your time in Guatemala, we will explore colonial cities such as cities such as Antigua, Sololá, and Panajachel. We will sample ancestral foods and learn about the rich mixture of mythology, religion and ancestral beliefs of the beautiful Mayan culture.

The Sanctuary of Mayan Rites. Watch Mayan priests perform rituals that invoke the spirits of their ancestors. The Mayan Sanctuary is located inside a cave on the shore of Lake Atitlan in the town of San Jorge, just 15 minutes away from Sololá.

El Tamazcal. The Tamazcal is a type of steam bath (sauna). We will learn about the use and practice of healing through the use of El Tamazcal. Mayan and Aztec cultures have used them for more than a millennia to heal the body from wounds and diseases.

Music and Mayan Folkloric Dance. Experience Mayan music and dance and learn about their hand made, multicolored fabrics.

Cathedrals. Visit some iconic Catholic churches, and learn about their colonial history.

Family Looms. One of the greatest cultural riches of the Mayan people is the manufacture of multicolored fabrics that are made entirely by hand, taking months to complete a single piece of cloth. These fabrics are created mostly by women and girls.  Each design is unique. We will visit some family businesses and watch them weave this remarkable cloth.


Kayak in Volcanic Crater in Atitlan: Enjoy the amazing views of Volcano San Pedro and Indian Nose from the water! Tour is $15 per hour.

Azul Mayan Archeological Museum: Learn more about the Mayan culture in the Blue Maya Museum. Entrance fee is $5.

Mirador Del Lago Atitlan (Lago Atitlan View):  It is very common to stop at this breathtaking lookout enroute to Panajachel to observe the majestic panoramic view it offers of Lago (Lake) Atitlan. You can also buy handicrafts, souvenirs, and paintings by artists from Sololá.


Hotel Posada Los Bucaros (Antigua): Experience authentic colonial architecture and enjoy the magic that surrounds the city. Hotel Posada is 150 years old and has been restored to become the perfect haven for our volunteers, committed to comfort, personalized attention, and safety.

Address: 7th Avenue North # 94, Antigua Guatemala, Central América. Telephone Numbers: (502) 7832 2346, (502) 5200 0090

Hotel Kaqchikel in Panajachel (Sololá): Located just two blocks from the beautiful Lake Atitlan and just 5 minutes from the center of Panajachel, Hotel Kaqchikel is surrounded by many artisan shops and has its own restaurant, cafe, and swimming pool and a very friendly atmosphere.

Address: Calle Santander Panajachel, Guatemala. Telephone Number: (502) 7762 8015

Guatemala's Staff

We love our staff and we are positive that you will too! Each staff member is professional, courteous, and has the same passion as you do: to serve others.

Pavel Guevara
Country Coordinator
Ivette Palacios
Country Coordinator