About this Program

Country: Mexico

Arrival Date: 08/09/2020

Departure Date: 08/15/2020

Duration: 7 days

Arrival City: Phoenix

Departure City: Phoenix

Cost: $1595.00

The goal of ISL's global health program for high school students is to learn about local health care challenges, experience Mexican culture, and gain perspective on the global landscape. Students will have the opportunity to tour local ministry of health institutions, observe and assist in the clinical setting, and engage in public health surveying in one of three ISL partner communities in and around Puerto Peñasco. They will also have the chance to enjoy the beautiful Sea of Cortez. This program is all-inclusive.
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About Global Health & High School

ISL’s global health programs are interdisciplinary and able to provide a variety of general medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health, healthcare management, and nutrition services in developing communities. From urban centers to small towns and villages in remote areas, our teams work in various settings to provide field clinics in which patient needs are assessed and acute conditions are treated.

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ISL offers opportunities for high school students to travel, learn, and volunteer in a variety of amazing settings. We offer our Community Enrichment, Ecology, Sports without Borders, and Global Health programs to high school students. Teen volunteers are able to engage with another culture in a meaningful way and begin to cultivate a global awareness that will benefit them as they progress from secondary to university education. Involvement in a global service experience not only instills confidence, it can be a powerful determinant in setting educational and career goals.

Regardless of background, volunteers are able to receive an invaluable opportunity to travel, learn about another culture, and serve a developing community.

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About Mexico

ISL’s Baja Mexico program is an on-going humanitarian project that takes place in Puerto Peñasco, situated along the beautiful Sea of Cortez. We work with global health agencies, local health ministries, and other NGOs in our partner communities. Volunteers are able to gain valuable experience participating in community clinics and/or working in institutional and community health contexts.

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