About this Program

Country: Dominican Republic

Arrival Date: 05/27/2017

Departure Date: 06/02/2017

Duration: 7 days

Arrival City: Santo Domingo

Departure City: Santo Domingo

Cost: $1695.00

Volunteers will be working on painting/light construction/gardening projects at a home for children. They will also have the opportunity to learn valuable skills and explore the cultural landscape in a meaningful way.
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About Community Enrichment

ISL’s community enrichment groups participate in a number of projects that enhance quality of life in a developing community. From cleaning up a beach or a neighborhood, constructing or refurbishing schools, clinics, community centers or residences, to planting trees, flowers and vegetable gardens, the ways in which volunteers can contribute are numerous!

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About Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic and Haiti, two sovereign nations with completely diverse cultural and historical identities, share a beautiful island located right in the heart of the Caribbean known as La Hispaniola. The spirit and charm of their people is distinguishable in their lively music and delicious cuisine, but both exhibit incredible  warmth and hospitality.

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