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Country: Costa Rica

Arrival Date: 04/10/2021

Departure Date: 04/18/2021

Duration: 9 days

Arrival City: San Jose

Departure City: San Jose

Cost: $2095.00

This program is suitable for Occupational Therapists, OTAs, and graduate students. The goal of ISL's occupational therapy program is to learn about local health care challenges, experience Costa Rican culture, and gain perspective on the global landscape. Work setting will be dependent on number of participants. 1-5 participants: Programming will take place in an ISL partner institution. Volunteers will assist health care providers with patient care. 6+ participants: Programming will take place in an ISL partner community. Volunteers will participate in public health surveying and clinical activities, including interviewing patients, taking vitals, and helping out in the pharmacy. Current occupational therapy needs in Costa Rica include instruction in biomechanics and development of treatment plans for the rehabilitation of cancer and stroke patients. Volunteers work in the home and community settings as well and homes for elders and persons with severe disabilities.
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About Occupational Therapy

ISL’s Occupational Therapy program is very interactive and highly specialized. Volunteers learn about global health issues, including occupational therapy challenges, and provide help to populations in vulnerable positions.

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About Costa Rica

Costa Rica (“rich coast” in Spanish) is a Central American country bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the countries of Nicaragua and Panama. Costa Rica has become one of the most stable, democratic, prosperous, and progressive nations in Latin America.

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