Introduction to ISL Gap Year Programs

Every year, more students, parents, and educators are beginning to see a gap year as an important part of the transition to college. Taking a gap year is a big step. While it’s a decision that requires a willingness to step outside of one’s comfort zone, it can provide an opportunity to experience different cultures, build autonomy and confidence, and grow as an individual before making the transition. We are dedicated to helping set the foundation for our future leaders. We want to invite you to challenge yourself and participate in an experience of a lifetime!

The ISL Gap Year experience is designed for high school graduates who are considering or planning to study the health sciences in college. This trip will give them an opportunity to meet, shadow, and chat with a variety of health science practitioners and help them solidify their choice of study in university. Along with vocational discernment, there is a heavy emphasis on Spanish language acquisition and building cross-cultural competency.

With all of our programs, we strive to meet a very high standard of quality for the recipients of our services. For this reason, our gap year applicants are thoroughly screened to ensure that they are prepared to navigate a new culture and country in partnership with ISL.