Rescue Animal ZooAve in Costa Rica

Placement Type: Ecology

Placement Focus: Wildlife Rehabilitation
Placement Location: Alajuela, Costa Rica
Required Language Skills: Intermediate Spanish
Minimum Placement Length: One Month
Maximum Placement Length: Six Months

About the Organization

Rescue Animal ZooAve is a non-profit registered wildlife rehabilitation center founded in 1989 and located on 34 acres of natural forest in the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica. Their mission is to protect and restore the country’s biodiversity through the rehabilitation of wildlife, the breeding of endangered species, the preservation of habitat and the provision of lifelong care for non-releasable animals.


Interns Duties Would Include

  • Painting and cleaning installations
  • Conditioning devices for animals
  • Condition wineries
  • Wash and paint structures
  • Pick up garbage
  • Plant trees

Internship Requirements

  • Students willing to work
  • Intermediate Spanish


Starting Cost:


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