Physical Therapy / Nursing at Convent in Costa Rica

Placement Type: Health Science

Placement Focus: Providing Physical Therapy services to aging nuns living at a convent
Placement Location: Alajuela, Costa Rica
Required Language Skills: Spanish (1-10): 4
Minimum Placement Length: 2 Months
Maximum Placement Length: 4 Months

About the Organization

This beautiful, peaceful convent has a long history of collaboration with ISL for medical teams in Costa Rica. The newest step in this partnership provides the opportunity for one or two interns at a time to live at the convent or with a family nearby, working on the beautiful grounds to provide physical therapy and/or nursing assistance to the retired nuns who reside there.


1. Help move residents from bed to chairs

2. Accompany residents during therapeutic walks

3. Attend daily exercises with residents

4. Collaborate in the daily tasks within the Physical Therapy department, including but not limited to, routine exercises, passive mobilization, and other patient care

Internship Requirements

1. Intern should be a student of nursing or physical therapy, or a licensed nurse/physical therapist

2. Have a vocational calling for elderly care including patience, flexibility and ability to take initiative

3. Preferably the intern would be female as all residents at the convent are female

4. Must possess professionalism and be willing to represent ISL and the US well

The institution will provide lunch and snack daily for the intern; two interns maximum at a time. Nursing students may also apply for this position. This internship is only available February-April or August-December

Starting Cost:


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