Welcome HOSA members!

ISL is pleased to be partnering with HOSA to provide exciting global health service-learning opportunities for HOSA members. ISL provides meaningful learning opportunities for students by bringing them into ISL partner communities and institutions around the world and giving them a glimpse of the challenges faced by those in under-resourced communities. ISL’s global health programs follow the Forum on Education Abroad’s Guidelines for Undergraduate Health-Related Experiences Abroad

There are three primary levels of participation:

HOSA High School Students will visit clinics/hospitals/schools to exchange information on nutrition, hygiene, and personal safety. They will be trained to participate in non-invasive house to house screenings and medical data gathering and have opportunities to observe at ISL health clinics and enjoy med-educational seminars (med Spanish, community health, global health principles, etc).

HOSA College Students participate as above. Additionally, they will be trained to take vitals and participate appropriately in field clinics and appropriately assist in local health institutions under the supervision of local medical professionals

HOSA Faculty, Staff, and Parents who are certified to provide medical care may submit their certifications to ISL 30 days in advance and may be allowed to provide certain services at the discretion, and under the supervision, of attending Mexican physicians. Also note that ISL is certified to provide nursing and physical therapy CEUs.

All Volunteers will experience Puerto Peñasco’s beautiful shoreline, explore Mexican culture and cuisine, and relax/recreate on the Sea of Cortez. Volunteers will be housed at Casa de Paz, situated in a gated community, five minutes walk from the sea.  *Groups of less than eight are housed at Villa Granada, a comfortable private retreat house/hotel with pool.


There are $200 scholarships available to HOSA members for the following programs:

July 8-14 / Baja / #HOSAAZ18 / Global Health/ $1395
All levels, including college and high school

Aug. 9-16 / Baja / #GCUazHOSA1 / Global Health / $1395
All levels, including college and high school

Sept. 17-23 / Baja / #BAJA917GH7 / Global Health / $1395
College level

Sept. 30 – Oct. 5 / Baja / #GCUAzHOSA2 / Global Health / $1395
High school level

Oct. 11-16 / Baja / #MyMexico2018 / Community Enrichment / $1395
High school level

Dec. 16-21 / Baja / #MEX121618HOSA-CHS or #MEX121618HOSA / Global Health / $1395
High school level
College level

Dec. 28 – Jan. 4 / Baja / #MEX122818HOSA-CHS or #MEX122818HOSA / Global Health / $1395
High school level
College level

For information on scholarships or questions about joining a HOSA team,
contact Michael Birnbaum at michael@islonline.org.