About Education Camp Teams

When we need meaningful educational experience during time periods when our educational volunteers are available BUT our clientele, the local students in our countries of service are also not in session, we have used an “Ed Camp” model in Belize with great effectiveness. Essentially, we create a multi-day program of educational and recreational opportunities. Non-Spanish speakers (in our Latin American locations) can still be engaged in math tutoring, art projects, music (if we have the raw talent on the team), health ed (esp with HOSA students), environmental service learning projects, and, most importantly, ESL tutoring without needing additional bilingual assistants.

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Who is Right for Education Camp Teams?

ISL’s education teams are ideal for education majors and others interested in travel, cultural exploration, and improving instructional skills.

What to Expect

This team will leave from Phoenix (airport if you are flying in) and travel by van to Puerto Penasco in Mexico.  Your team’s first day will be busy with orientation and seminars pertinent to the skills you will be teaching and the age groups with which you will be working. In the community, you will work directly with students from elementary school in an “Education Camp” environment—see tentative itinerary below. You will learn a few traditional dances and explore some important historical/cultural sites.

Recreational opportunities vary by location, but you will have the opportunities to shop for local crafts, have beach time, tour the area, free use of kayaks, additional options (at volunteer cost) include zip-lining, horseback riding on the beach, sunset cruise, etc!  You will learn a few traditional dances and explore some important historical/cultural sites

Volunteer Involvement

Your team will observe, teach, and tutor on topics ranging from ESL, reading, creative writing, science, and mathematics to physical education, drama, and arts and crafts. The goal is not only to improve your teaching skills, but to also improve your learning in order to further develop skills that will enhance your teaching ability:

  • Collaborating beyond geographic boundaries
  • Creating effective lesson plans
  • Responding to at risk students
  • Diagnosing learning challenges
  • Heightening awareness of self and others
  • Strengthening emotional intelligence
  • Maximizing learning
  • Developing critical thinking skills
  • Developing a spirit of excellence

Special Service Opportunity—ISL Water Project

December/January ISL Baja teams will be participating in a water project that involves installing water storage tanks and hand/manual pumps  For needy families with no access to water.  Please consider a fundraiser to gather funds to increase the number of family projects we can do.  Cost per family project is $300.

Safety and Respect

For the sake of security, ISL volunteers remain together as a team from arrival to departure.

ISL prohibits discrimination on the basis of color, national origin, disability, sex, gender identity, religion or any other factor.

What To Bring

You will need funds sufficient to cover one meal per day, premium recreation, personal spending. Donations of notebooks, pencils and pens, bilingual dictionaries, books, flash cards, games, and  magazines are also appreciated.

What ISL Provides

ISL Provides 24-hour accompaniment by professional, bilingual staff, airport pickup/drop off, all ground transportation including to and fromPhoenix or Tucson, all lodging, two meals per day, drinking water, full time professional team leadership, teaching supplies, tours and basic recreation.