Dental Outreach in Belize

Placement Type: Health Science

Placement Focus: Dental outreach & education
Placement Location: Belize City and outlying areas
Required Language Skills: Not required, though could be helpful
Minimum Placement Length: 1 Month
Maximum Placement Length: 1 Year

About the Organization

Partnering with the Belizean Ministry of Health, the intern will work to provide dental services to outlying communities around Belize City that lack dental care. Outreach will also include education and dental services at schools, community health centers and prisons.


1. Provide comprehensive dental health education, prevention and treatment services

2. Provide lectures, projects and demonstrations in Pre & Primary schools to teachers and students

3. Give instructions in the principals of diet and nutrition as it relates to dental health

4. Provide dental health education services in clinics emphasizing daily tooth brushing and flossing

5. Offer prophylactic services where applicable

6. Provide dental health care services and outreach clinic in the rural areas to adults and children

7. Provide cover-up services where reinforcement is needed

8. Provide the Prison Department inmates with fillings, cleaning, sealants, fluoride and education

9. Acceptance of referred cases and further referrals where immediate treatment is required

Internship Requirements

1. Intern must be a registered dentist, specialist, or graduate level dental student

2. Able to exercise mature and sound judgment

3. Able to communicate in a friendly and clear manner, both verbally and in writing

4. Able to work as a team member

5. Able to carry out dental activities for any dentist that cannot make it for justifiable reasons

6. Able to provide a monthly report for compilation of all activities

7. Must possess professionalism and be ready to represent ISL and the US well

Starting Cost:


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