Veterinary Technician and Dog Shelter Assistant in Colombia

Placement Type: Health Science

Placement Focus: Veterinary clinic and dog shelter
Placement Location: Chinchina, Caldas, Colombia
Required Language Skills: Intermediate Spanish
Minimum Placement Length: one week
Maximum Placement Length: one year

About the Organization

Veterinary Clinic & Laboratory
A group of 5 veterinarians is looking for volunteer interns to help them as they diagnose & care for pets, perform a vast range of surgeries, post-surgery recovery care, vaccinations and laboratory procedures.

Dog Haven Rescue Shelter

Dog haven is different from a typical animal shelter. These dogs are too old, sick or disabled to be adopted without recovery intervention. Most of these dogs will live out the rest of their lives in this private facility, which is 100% supported by volunteers. With creativity and determination, these volunteers provide their charges with extended healthy lives.


You will shadow veterinarians in their daily tasks. You will also learn laboratory blood-based testing procedures.

The dog shelter currently holds 35-40 dogs.  Participants are invited to play an active role in all aspects of animal shelter management and operations. You will also participate in community-wide dog care and awareness campaigns. 

Internship Requirements

  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Interest in animal science
  • Passion and love for animals
  • Great attitude
  • Self-directed, responsible and mature
  • Strong work ethic
  • Experience in animal shelters, pet grooming and health care preferred

Starting Cost:

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