About this Program

Country: Belize

Arrival Date: 01/06/2020

Departure Date: 01/10/2020

Duration: 5 days

Arrival City: Belize City

Departure City: Belize City

Dr. Stacey Knight and Dr. Cynthia Pipkins will have the opportunity to observe three full days of a faculty-led Nursing program in Belize, including practical and professional orientations, house visits and community clinic work. The purpose of this program is to familiarize potential partners with the Heart of ISL and to explore the Belizean cultural landscape in a meaningful way.

About Nursing

ISL’s nursing programs actively participate in health clinic service in partnership with local community agencies, in an effort provide acute care and public health education to vulnerable populations. Our nursing program was developed to provide a learning experience that strengthens cultural competency in an ethnically diverse setting, while providing genuine service in developing communities.

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About Belize

Experience the laid back atmosphere of Belize, rich with Spanish and British influences, featuring attractions such as Mayan archaeological sites, the world’s second longest barrier reef, caves and rivers–all while serving and learning among its people.

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