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Country: Panama

Arrival Date: 08/11/2019

Departure Date: 08/18/2019

Duration: 8 days

Arrival City: Panama City

Departure City: Panama City

Cost: $1395.00

The goal of ISL's Well Child International program is to learn about health care challenges that face specifically children and their mothers, experience Panamanian culture, and gain perspective on the global landscape. Work setting will be dependent on number of participants. 1-3 participants: Volunteers will assist community health workers with health education and patient care for children and those who care for them. 4+ participants: Programming will take place in an ISL partner community. Volunteers will participate in public health surveying and clinical activities, including interviewing patients, taking vitals, and helping out in the pharmacy.
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About Well Child Intl

Well Child International seeks to provide pro-active health checks and education for juvenile populations in developing communities. WCI teams are public health education centered; whether working independently or as a key part of an ISL global health team, WCI volunteers work with local medical professionals to reach long-term health and wellness solutions.

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About Panama

Situated on the isthmus connecting North and South America, Panama is the southernmost country in Central America. With access to two different oceans, and containing mountains, a vast rainforest, the modern metropolis of Panama City and the Panama Canal, there is a lot to do and see. Panama contains a rich array of cultures ranging from indigenous and Latino to peoples of African, Asian, and European descent.

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