About this Program

Country: Panama: PANAMA

Arrival Date: 03/07/2020

Departure Date: 03/14/2020

Duration: 8 days

Arrival City: Panama City (PTY)

Departure City: Panama City (PTY)

Cost: $1695.00

The goal of this program is to learn about global health and dental issues in Panamanian communities, assist with the provision of care, experience Panamanian culture, and gain perspective on the global landscape.
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About Dentistry

Dental care is one of the most critically underserved areas of international health care, as dental care is usually not included in the socialized health care systems found in most developing countries. Through ISL, thousands receive dental care – with your help!

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About Panama: PANAMA

Situated on the isthmus connecting North and South America, Panama is the southernmost country of Central America.  Panama has access to two different oceans,  mountains, a vast rain forest, a modern metropolis (Panama City) and the Panama Canal–a lot to see and do!  Panama also has a rich array of cultures ranging from indigenous and Latino to peoples of African, Asian, and European descent.

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