About this Program

Country: Colombia

Arrival Date: 06/06/2020

Departure Date: 06/14/2020

Duration: 9 days

Arrival City: Pereira

Departure City: Pereira

Cost: $1795.00

In Chinchiná, we partner with Palestina Animal Shelter and Lina's Dog Haven. Volunteers will take part in a public awareness campaign and visit homes, surveying animal populations and promoting a free animal clinic sponsored by ISL. Volunteers will bring adoptable dogs into partner non-profits, providing pet therapy for senior citizens and other populations who might benefit. Volunteers will also have the chance to visit the Universidad de Caldas Veterinary Hospital where they will visit a class, network with students, and shadow veterinarians in small and large animal care.
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About Veterinary

ISL’s veterinary teams are able to provide a variety of care ranging from public health services such as administering immunizations and facilitating spay/neuter clinics, to providing urgent veterinary care. From visiting farms to setting up veterinary field clinics in urban centers, our volunteers are able to gain extensive experience in a short period of time.

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About Colombia

Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world and is experiencing economic and cultural transformation with its recently found civil peace and growing trade with the U.S.  Urban areas have made great strides in reducing poverty and providing healthcare, but rural areas are still in great need of healthcare, education, and development support.

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