About this Program

Country: Belize

Arrival Date: 08/03/2019

Departure Date: 08/11/2019

Duration: 9 days

Arrival City: Belize City

Departure City: Belize City

Cost: $1895.00

Minimum of 2 volunteers required. The goal of ISL's global health program is to learn about local health care challenges, experience Belizean culture, and gain perspective on the global landscape. Work setting will be dependent on number of participants. 2-4 participants: Volunteers will assist community health workers with health education and patient care. 5+ participants: Programming will take place in an ISL partner community. Volunteers will participate in public health surveying and clinical activities, including interviewing patients, taking vitals, and helping out in the pharmacy.
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About Global Health

ISL’s global health teams are interdisciplinary and able to provide a variety of general medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health, healthcare management, and nutrition services in developing communities. From urban centers to small towns and villages in remote areas, our teams work in various settings to provide field clinics in which patient needs are assessed and acute conditions are treated.

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About Belize

Experience the laid back atmosphere of Belize, rich with Spanish and British influence, featuring attractions such as Mayan archaeological sites, the world’s second longest barrier reef, caves and rivers, while serving and learning amongst its peoples.

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