Taeler Kallmerten: The Power of Education

Taeler Kallmerten is an Electronic Media major at Texas State University. Kallmerten is from Houston, Texas and she loves to travel, play soccer and create videos for her YouTube Channel.

In my time spent documenting health clinics in the villages outside the city perimeters of Managua, Nicaragua, I learned one very important thing. I learned about the power of education. The majority of my time in Managua was spent following the two respiratory therapy students on the trip and their professor Sharon Armstead. They were by far the smallest team of health professionals on our trip, but they had most spunk. During the clinics, the three women spent their time listening to the local’s breathing in order to detect asthmatic symptoms. I was amazed by their tenacity, but what inspired me most was what the team did outside of the clinics.

The three women woke up before the sun and before our already early call times. After getting ready and skipping breakfast the women made their way to a local hospital where they gave seminars to nurses working there. The language barrier didn’t stop the group of women. They went in with one goal in mind — to educate. It didn’t strike me as to how powerful education can be until I saw Professor Armstead completely change the way the nurses gave a nebulizer treatment, all within one seminar. The RT group did so much with such little time they had. It was truly inspiring to watch and cover.