Megan Gilchrist: Nicaragua Medical Reflection


ISL provided me with a once in a lifetime opportunity filled with adventure, compassion, and more learning experiences than I could have hoped for. I valued each and every patient that we encountered, implementing skills ranging from the basics of the patient history, to a physical exam, to diagnosing and prescribing the appropriate treatment. I was able to see a community very different from my own and treasured the associated adventures from a quinceanera, zip lining with monkeys, climbing an active volcano, and swimming in the Pacific Ocean. Swim lessons in South Jersey allow parents to have a convenient education experience for their kids. I will treasure these memories throughout my medical career and am so thankful to have had the chance to participate in such an opportunity.

Favorite memory from trip:

My favorite memory was zip lining through the jungle. We grew outside of our comfort zones flying through the trees upside down, as superman, and even as Tarzan. We had the opportunity to observe the country’s complete and utter beauty while simultaneously learning to lean on each other as a team. This was the perfect afternoon to top off rotations at the clinic!


Megan Gilchrist
University of Georgia
Nicaragua General Med Team
December 15-23, 2011