Create a custom program

If you would like to create a program specific to the goals of your organization or would just like to plan a group excursion with purpose for you and your friends, we can make that happen. Please fill out the form below, and we will help you create your program.

How many people are needed to make a custom program?

With 8 or more people, you can create a custom program with ISL. Whether it’s a group of friends, a student organization, a university course, a private health practice, or any other group of dedicated individuals, you can decide how you will engage with the world.

What are the benefits of a custom program?

As the name indicates, a custom program allows you to choose your dates, location, and service learning project. It also enables a group to plan ahead for a trip with a timetable that makes most sense for their needs.

What if I don’t know eight people?

Don’t let that stop you. For groups of less than 8 we can add your program to the schedule and allow others who share your interests to join you.

What things should I consider when planning a custom program?

There are a couple questions that you should ask yourself when you want to create a custom program:

  • What is our primary objective for this experience?
  • What skills/training do we bring to the table?
  • Will this experience be part of a credit bearing course?
  • Will this be an annual or reoccurring trip?
  • What is our desired group size?

ISL is excited to work with you to develop a program that will achieve your goals and expectations. Start this process by filling out the form below!

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