Partner with ISL on your campus or at your work place! Join our network of more than 240 Ambassadors throughout the U.S. and Canada


Step One:  Apply here.

You will be notified as soon as your application has been accepted.


Step Two: Begin recruiting.

If you are accepted, you will then create a “My ISL” account where the “Ambassador Info Docs” section will provide you access to a “how to” Ambassador Manual, and information on how to form an ISL Club on your campus or at your work place. If you already have a “My ISL” account you have access to them, but if you do not you will need to set one up. After speaking with your ISL Lead Ambassador, you may begin recruiting!


Step Three: Receive Trip Credit!

To receive travel credit for the people you recruit, you must submit an online compensation form, which can be found in the Ambassador Info Docs section in your My ISL account.  Please read directions carefully before submitting.

Questions? Please contact Katrina at